Insight on the Disney stock

Can you imagine your life without any kind of entertainment services? Most of us can’t. At some point in life, every individual, right from the youngest to the oldest, has watched some or the other kind of entertainment program, be it movies, tv shows, or cartoons. The entertainment industry’s products and services are widespread and we end up using these services in some or another way. The big players in this industry draw in huge amounts of revenue every year and are capable of providing good returns to investors.

The entertainment industry in the US is huge and it is estimated to be worth 720 billion dollars approximately. Investing in this sector can be beneficial for an investor who is looking for capital growth. The growth can be slow and steady but it will be worth it later if you invest in the right companies. Before investing in this industry, do your research and find out the companies that are doing well and have the potential to give you sufficient returns on your investment. Companies like Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, etc. are top players in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will learn more about The Walt Disney Co.

The Walt Disney Co. was founded on 16th October 1923 by Disney Brother, Walt Disney, and Roy O. Disney. In its initial days, the company was involved in producing silent films. One of its first silent films was Alice in Wonderland. When this venture didn’t work out, the Disney brothers moved to produce cartoon films. They attained mega-success with the creation of Mickey Mouse. Since then, the company has produced many cartoon films and has further ventured into other productions as well. Walt Disney Co. now operates through two main segments. The film studio division has many renowned studios under its wing, such as Pixar, Marvel Studios, 20th Century Studios, etc. The other segment is involved in mass media production, publishing, television, broadcasting, streaming services, consumer products, theme park resorts, etc. The Walt Disney Co. is headquartered in Burbank, California.

The Walt Disney Co.’s stocks are listed on the New York Stock Exchange as ‘NYSE DIS’. Its recent closing price was $173.43. Before the pandemic, the stock price was $105.51. Since then the stock price has increased by 64.4%. The price target on this stock has been set to $161.41, expecting a downfall in price by 6.9% from its current price. Analysts have shown strong interest in this stock and have given a consensus ‘buy’ rating to the stock, seeing that the company’s streaming service ‘Disney+’ is on track to do better than Netflix, a major player in the segment. Before investing, you can check its income statement at