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Infection and fatality rates for COVID-19 are decreasing. Many of us appear to be adjusting to this new normal and taking safeguards as needed. Slowly, social gatherings are restarting, and it feels like a breath of fresh air is flowing over us, cautious but hopeful. After a difficult few months, being able to visit loved ones in person after such a long time fills my heart and revitalises me.

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Nonetheless, despite the impulse to return to “normal,” we must remember to take things carefully. We cannot take for granted that medical professionals and dedicated individuals are still trying to keep us secure. It’s tough to imagine the scenario we’d be in right now as a global community if it weren’t for all of their efforts. We have all been impacted, whether directly through treatment and support or indirectly through inspiration, and as this blog draws to a close and societies adjust to new realities, we aim to remember this and express our appreciation.

Occupied Palestinian Territories – Using radio to engage Palestinian youngsters) Mohammed Daraghmeh

Many people of the Occupied Palestinian Territories were harmed economically, socially, and mentally when the coronavirus began to spread over the world. Mohammed Daraghmeh, a 26-year-old psychologist and social worker from Tubas, wanted to discover a solution to help youngsters in adjacent areas cope with the changes that had befallen them in an effort to improve these societies. In December 2019, he founded PROVA FM, an online radio station, as a result of this. He has been able to support the children through this project, both through online games and moral support, as well as through numerous educational presents for use during the lockdown, due to the sponsorship of War Child Holland. The idea of bringing happiness and excitement to the lives of children in their communities motivates Mohammed and his team. “Children are Palestine’s future,” he argues, “therefore we must save them.”

David Salas (Colombia) – Helping families in need by providing groceries and resolving conflicts.

Colombia’s most vulnerable populations have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Many people have been unable to earn money or feed their families since the government imposed a forced lockdown in mid-April. Domestic violence has also increased dramatically in these communities, with the Colombian Women’s Observatory noting that calls reporting crimes against women increased by 91% in April 2020 compared to the same month in 2019. Somos CaPAZes, a youth organisation led by David Salas, was working on many peace and education initiatives across the country in areas like these prior to the crisis, and they decided to adjust their work to address the new concerns, taking the stay-at-home orders into account. To analyse the needs of these families, the Somos CaPAZes team devised and implemented a survey/interview. After interviewing 109 households, 95 per cent of whom were women, it was discovered that each family had an average of 4–6 children skipping meals, many parents had lost their jobs or suffered a fall in income, and only 61 per cent of respondents had internet access. After With these findings, the Somos CaPAZes team and board determined that the best way to adapt to the current situation and add value to our communities was to fundraise to provide these families with grocery packs to help them alleviate food scarcity, as well as to design and make available a conflict resolution online course for those families who had internet access, as well as providing internet access to those who did not.

Wu Zhengliang (China) – A dedicated volunteer who gives 100% of his time.

We’ve seen all kinds of heroism from individuals from all walks of life, from doctors to grocery store workers, and all the way down to young volunteers, during the course of this pandemic. One such volunteer is Wu Zhengliang. Wu worked in the Dunkou Temporary Treatment Centre from February 22nd to March 8th, never missing a day and frequently working 12-hour days. Mostly in charge of constructing CT scanning rooms. After that, he joined the medical treatment team, where he handled the entry of basic information and ID verification for new patients. To assist manage the virus’ spread, he was also tasked with updating information and tracing discharged patients.

Kyeremeh Oppong Daniel (Ghana) – Hand sanitisers and soaps for underserved communities.

Unfortunately, the sharp rise in global demand for hand sanitisers has resulted in a sharp rise in prices, rendering basic components out of reach for many communities. KOD, a third-year chemistry student at Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, saw this as unjust and chose to use his generosity and intelligence to serve his society. “As a wise Ghanaian youth,” Kyeremeh adds, “I was of the opinion that I could help the poor in my own way during these trying times.” Kyeremeh launched the KOD Community Initiative through his KOD Foundation to assist the less fortunate segments of society who were struggling to secure the essential instruments to protect themselves against the COVID-19 pandemic. Kyeremeh has been producing and marketing low-cost hand sanitisers and liquid soaps, with the proceeds going to help underserved regions.

Anjinsen Valamootoo (Mauritius) – Anjinsen Valamootoo (Mauritius) focuses on mental health best practices.

Anjinsen Valamootoo, a Mauritius native, and member of the Quatre Bornes chapter of JCI wanted to ensure that the residents of their towns were joyful and emotionally healthy during the arduous lockdown. In conjunction with Mind Matters, JCI Quatre Bornes hosted an interactive Zoom session titled “Confinement Sans Stress” (Stress-Free Confinement) on April 5th, 2020. Ms Rebecca Nulliah, a Shamanic and Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher, led the programme. The seminars helped Quatre Borne’s residents to express their emotions and reclaim a sense of community that had been lost during the lockdown. Building on this excellent experience, Anjinsen and his colleagues hosted a second interactive session on April 13th, this time focused on mental health and arranged in partnership with the University of Mauritius and Mind Matters. Several speakers took the stage to present coping tactics and approaches, as well as to lead subsequent discussions to ensure that everyone was well prepared to deal with the stress they were facing. Anjinsen and his crew viewed the occurrences as achievements, and they developed tools to aid them as well. “The trip is ahead of us, and it will shape us into the individuals we become,” he reflected, quoting [one of the speakers]. “We must all agree that this crisis is unquestionably a period of reflection for humanity.”