Ways to Feed a Betta Fish

Overfeeding betta fish is the 2nd commonest way to produce them Unwell. By next a few straightforward procedures you can hold you betta well fed, maintain their h2o cleaner, and support them Dwell an extended and happier everyday living.

1) Do not feed your betta in excess of when each day

Bettas don’t should eat any over that. During the wild, within the ditches and ponds of Asia, wild bettas from time to time Opt for days devoid of food. Feeding your betta when daily is in fact kinder than overfeeding them. Bettas and also other aquarium fish have no idea “when to convey when” and they’re going to try to eat until they get Unwell and may continue to keep consuming even following that.

2) Will not feed your betta a portion any larger sized than their eye

Your betta’s belly is simply a little bit much larger than their eye. Supplying them an excessive amount food stuff is likely to make their tank messier (so you’ll have to¬†how many flakes to feed betta fish take the time to scrub it extra frequently) and it’ll pressure their digestive technique. Overfeeding will also make them fewer Lively and shorter their lifespan by a little.

3) Differ what styles of foods you feed your betta

After you to start with Obtain your betta, begin with a little can or container of flake foodstuff that is certainly only for bettas. But after a 7 days or so, when your betta has settled in, it truly is a good idea to check out a few various foods. The ideal alternatives to get started with are freeze-dried bloodworms and brine shrimp. Watch out to keep in mind rule #2 and never pinch a lot of foodstuff.

If you would like some pleasure, You may also feed your betta live food like brine shrimp. It is really exciting to look at a betta go all around its tank hunting for your brine shrimp, and some of the shrimp will be able to cover nicely ample in order that up to each day later your betta will however be discovering them. Make sure to gently rinse the shrimp off with faucet h2o when They’re within a Internet before you feed them on your betta, as the h2o the brine shrimp are available in is extremely salty instead of great on your betta’s h2o high-quality.

Bonus betta feeding strategies:

– You can skip feeding your betta sooner or later per week. This tends to not hurt them, and will really give their digestive system an opportunity to rest, and it will guarantee that you’ll be not overfeeding them.

– Should you be leaving for a brief getaway of five days or less, you do not ought to feed your betta fish. They will be high-quality without the need of meals for that very long. When there is a Dwell plant within the tank with them, They are going to be fairly happy nibbling bits of algae from the plant. In truth, it is healthier not to feed your betta when you are long gone than it truly is to buy the “weekend” or “holiday vacation” feeder blocks, because Those people will just filthy the drinking water and usually tend to make your betta sick.

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